FEET TO THE FIRE: How to exemplify and create the accountability that Creates great companies

Harnessing Performance, Excelling at Career Turning Points,
Talent Management and Succession Planning
*Offered as keynote or as a workshop.


Rapidly develop a differentiated strategy and execution plan Achieve unprecedented alignment throughout your organization
*Offered as keynote or as a workshop

360 DEGREE CEO: Generating profits while leading and living with passion and principles

Bring all of your strengths and capabilities to your job. I share how others have created and sustain the ability to attend to all parts of their lives – health, family, relationships, and work and what holds us back from doing so.

Create a Life of your own design

For those in career transition or those asking, β€œIs this all there is?” Create a unique and targeted plan to secure your next opportunity that delivers the challenge, growth and compensation that you are seeking. Identity the ideal composition of work and personal and create your own unique life canvas.
*Offered as keynote or as workshop

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“Lorraine was fantastic and very down to earth. Her entire talk resonated with me and gave me food for thought.”
“Lorraine was an outstanding presenter. She spoke about real experiences and real-life challenges that were very relatable. I was really inspired and moved by what she spoke about. Simple things that we can all start doing and improve our habits.”
“To a person they were enthusiastic about the presentation and, as you well know, much of what they picked up was reflected in their commitments at the end. Great job!”