Generating Opportunity Through Visibility

Visibility. A large network. Relationships. They matter. You need them to formulate a strong leadership brand. Although it is the twenty-first century, I still hear grumblings about the existence of an “old boys’ club.” What is this virtual club...

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Who is Influencing You?

Media conglomerates are wealthy and powerful, in part, because they have learned how to wield great influence – whether hyperbole (typically) or reality. Consumers and companies pay to listen. Recently I have been more influenced by colleagues and friends who are dealing with tough and/or unexpected health issues....

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Courageous Leadership

In Feet to the Fire, I review what it means to have a personal brand and why it is a lasting requirement for leaders. We each portray an image whether intentional or not and whether conscious or not. This image and our personal brand is a by-product of our speech, dress, body language, and actions. [...]

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We Are All Artists

How do you stimulate your creativity? Some of the best mathematicians and many skilled engineers are talented musicians. Children who take music lessons typically obtain higher grades in math and science. Many people describe their work as all consuming. This can eliminate the opportunity for art. We best resolve challenging issues, address new and/or unexpected [...]

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Buck the Trend

Over the past several months, I have seen half a dozen examples of ageism when organizations have cited a reluctance to promote talented and experienced executives as "they are likely only going to work a few more years." The irony is that the boards for many of these same companies are seeking director candidates with decades of [...]

Developing Leadership Athleticism© Lorraine Moore

Many of us are drawn to executive roles for the variety afforded by the intellectual and mental challenges, the ability to make a meaningful contribution, the prestige, and the influence we can wield. These are demanding roles typically requiring long days, attendance at community events, socializing and, in many cases, frequent travel. In the same way [...]

Avoid the Trump Effect

I have to admit, I vacillate between considerable Trump fatigue and being captivated by what is and will be a fascinating sociological exercise. (I refrain from any commentary here on his values, his words or his actions.) Like most everything in life, I am seeking the learning for business leaders, individuals, and political leaders. Here [...]

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Creating a Culture of Accountability

In by book, Feet to the Fire: How to Exemplify and Create the Accountability that Creates Great Companies, I speak to the importance of creating a culture of accountability. With greater accountability, leaders and peers hold each other to account. Everyone knows they will be expected to meet their commitments and take responsibility for resolving [...]

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The High Cost of Failure at Work

Our fees, revenue targets and budgets are built on the premise of work being completed correctly the first time and technology operating as expected. When this does not happen, it is a direct hit to our profitability, brand and employee and customer satisfaction. Recently, within a short five days, I observed a litany of technology [...]

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Damn – That Was Fun!

Our lives sometimes careen at breakneck speed. Meetings. Travel. Phone calls. Texts. Pick up and drop off the kids. Re-balance our investment portfolio. Pick up the birthday gift, dry cleaning, wine for the dinner party, groceries, etc. Plan for and fit in workouts, family time, holidays, dentist appointments and get-togethers with friends. We are fortunate [...]

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