What We Can Learn From Iceland’s Successful, Offensive Response to Crisis

In September, I had the wonderful opportunity to conduct business in Iceland. More and more often I am asked to advise on corporate disruption and innovation. I also continue to assist individuals in personal transition and transformation. As a result, I am hungry for examples of successful turnaround and disruption so that I can better equip [...]

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Feet to the Fire© Starts with YOU

In many of my client engagements, I assist organizations that wish to create a culture of accountability. While everyone quickly grasps what it means to hold someone’s feet to the fire (and how that contributes to a culture of accountability) they are sometimes surprised to learn that the finger they are pointing to others, is first and foremost, pointing back at them...

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Disruptor or Disrupted

Are you playing offense or defense? One need not be a sports aficionado to understand the nuances of approaching your business and/or your life from an offensive or defensive position. Advancements in technology, decades of global trade, pending tax reform and more sophisticated and dividend-hungry shareholders are...

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Making the Most of Autumn’s New Beginnings

For many of us, September generates feelings of a fresh start and new beginnings more than the new year. It can bring excitement and anticipation or an uncomfortable reminder that there are things you want to change. Here are some actions that will spark your professional success and heighten personal satisfaction.

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3 Elements of Effective Management in Stressful Times

It is a sometimes-painful irony of life that we may learn the most about ourselves when life throws us a curve ball. So it is with leadership. We fully discover our strengths and shortcomings when we are tested by adversity. How we deal with it and what we learn is central to who we are [...]

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Why I Remain an Optimist

While Wall Street Journal and Financial Times headlines predominantly feature Fortune 500 firms, small business fuels much of the economic growth and job creation across the globe. Entrepreneurs are not equal to small. Consider Tesla, Virgin, G Adventures, Starbucks, Facebook, and Amazon. Today I want to feature and celebrate a unique set of entrepreneurs. In 2005, Kiva was formed by a small group of friends. In the early days, they had to exchange Premal Shah's guitar for...

Ode to Summer

As we find ourselves immersed in summer in the northern hemisphere, this quote comes to mind: "The universe is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to become sharper." - Eden Phillpotts I recently spent a weekend with our young grandson. What a delight. As we played on the grass or traversed the neighbourhood, [...]

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Waiting for the Train

In major metropolitan centres across North America, commuters and municipalities are left waiting for the train, specifically Bombardier trains. Subway cars destined for Montreal have been delayed by 4 years. How is it possible that no one realized some of the planned train cars would not fit through Montreal tunnels? On a recent trip to New [...]

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Step Off the CEO Island©

For most C-suite executives there is an inverse correlation between the scope of your responsibility and the number of times someone says to you: "Stop it!" or "I do not agree with your approach" or "Why are you pursuing that goal/decision/strategy?" The more senior you become, the more reticent people are to hold your Feet to the Fire©...

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Why Ohio’s War on Drugs Matters to Your Industry

Ohio's War on Drugs matters to oil and gas, transportation, banking and your industry, too. It is an all-star cast. Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, Teva Pharmaceutical, Allergan and Endo Health Solutions have been targeted by the state of Ohio for...

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