Straddling the Present and Future

Recently I flew to San Jose del Cabo, having departed from Calgary's international terminal. The new terminal and hotel opened in 2017 and is filled with natural light. While YYC served a record number of passengers in 2017, the newest concourse and terminal is not yet at capacity as it was planned and constructed for 30-year capacity.

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Making the Leap

I started to have the familiar feelings of restlessness. I thought I wanted to do something different. This time I was thinking about going out, on my own starting my own business, which in fact I did.

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Responding to the Alarm

The alarm has been sounded. George Soros, in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, commented, As Facebook and Google have grown into ever more powerful monopolies, they have become obstacles to innovation and they have caused a variety of problems of which we are only now beginning to become aware…This is particularly nefarious because [...]

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Speaking Up About Mental Health: My Story

In 2014, former Olympian Clara Hughes cycled 7000 km across Canada to raise awareness about mental health. Today, two-thirds of Canadians suffering from anxiety and/or depression, suffer in silence. As Bell’s Let's Talk Day approached, I realized it was important for me to participate in the discussion. When I was 21 years old, my mother [...]

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Seeking Knowledge: What to read in 2018

In late 2017, I asked clients and some of my friends for their most-loved book of the year. Here are a few of the popular ones. Enjoy.

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Rejoice in the Strength of the Human Spirit

As we emerge from the holiday season, many are reflecting upon and in some cases, concerned about, some of the surprises of 2017. These included political mishandlings, a surge in sexual harassment claims and continued acts of terrorism that can generate fear and fuel intolerance and feelings of superiority...

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Yes, It Was a Very Busy Year (Again) But What Did You Learn?

We are a society of busy people. As I have observed in the past, many of my most successful clients proudly wear their busyness, their demanding schedule, with their laudable accomplishments as a badge of honour. We are highly accomplished people. We like getting things done. We are gratified when seeing progress - in our [...]

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What We Can Learn From Iceland’s Successful, Offensive Response to Crisis

In September, I had the wonderful opportunity to conduct business in Iceland. More and more often I am asked to advise on corporate disruption and innovation. I also continue to assist individuals in personal transition and transformation. As a result, I am hungry for examples of successful turnaround and disruption so that I can better equip [...]

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Feet to the Fire© Starts with YOU

In many of my client engagements, I assist organizations that wish to create a culture of accountability. While everyone quickly grasps what it means to hold someone’s feet to the fire (and how that contributes to a culture of accountability) they are sometimes surprised to learn that the finger they are pointing to others, is first and foremost, pointing back at them...

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Disruptor or Disrupted

Are you playing offense or defense? One need not be a sports aficionado to understand the nuances of approaching your business and/or your life from an offensive or defensive position. Advancements in technology, decades of global trade, pending tax reform and more sophisticated and dividend-hungry shareholders are...

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