I have worked with Lorraine on a couple of occasions over the past several years.  She has proven to be a sound guiding post as I sorted through perceptions and reality and worked to ensure I was bringing my best self to any and all work challenges and continuing to move forward in my career..  I very much appreciated her ability to offer suggestions in a manner that prompted deep thinking and not defensiveness.  I would highly recommend Lorraine to anyone looking to expand their influence in their career.
“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lorraine over the past couple of years. Given her vast experience with coaching and the number of senior clients that she deals with, it provided me with the confidence that her observations and approach would enable me to deal with increased challenges as I took on greater leadership responsibilities. Her approach is not to provide solutions, but more importantly for me to spend more time prioritizing and focusing on strategic areas using case examples. Her calm demeanor and listening skills enabled me to think things through in a more logical manner and to ensure I was focusing on the right things. She is an outstanding coach!!”
“Lorraine has the ability to respectfully and compassionately challenge you. She handles resistance in a way that is professional, respectful, appropriate and necessary…. very, very consistent.”
“Thank you for working with us on our go to market plan to develop a stronger presence in the financial services sector in GTA.
After three years running our staffing operations in Toronto we had two beach heads but were struggling to create a significant presence, now we have nearly 300 consultants in our key verticals. I appreciate your balance of industry insights, best practices and experience you brought to our consulting engagement.
We were able to clearly define our heat map in banking and position new customer development in logical sequence. In a span of 5 months we were able to double our banking presence in both number of customers and number of consultants on assignment. Partly due to existing client development and partly due to a well planned strategic acquisition. 

You were a good partner on this project, highly intuitive, focused, and you created a positive dialog for change while courageously challenging our status quo. Your breadth of experience in IT, marketing, HR, and financial services, contributed to an exceptional outcome for us. I recommend you highly.”
“Lorraine has helped me see issues from an empowering angle where the solutions or options are so apparent.”
“I have worked with Lorraine in managing business relationships, and I have watched her use a balanced combination of facts and personal insights to analyze problems and create solutions.

An impressive and versatile colleague.”

“…Lorraine Moore serves small, medium and “monster” sized corporations. More importantly she is a genius (of sorts) for organisations. I personally know her, and know her disposition. She over-achieves, I know anyone would be well served if they ‘could’ get her. She has my recommendation, I hold her (professionally), in a high regard.”
Lorraine is a superb strategic advisor who brings innovative ideas to address complex business challenges. She is a creative, out-of-the box thought leader with exceptional integrity and strong personal values. Her expertise and experience in strategy, execution, and leadership development are invaluable.
“I wanted to reach out to you to say a big ‘thank you’ for all the support, listening, advice, coaching, aligning, confidential discussions, and just being there to bounce items off of. You are always professional, on point and have a unique way of phrasing an action that is both honest and positive. You always look for the best in your mentee or the situation and you ensure the whole person is considered – professional and personal life balance. As an executive, having your guidance has allowed me/our organization to be focused, be honest yet realistic, providing more time and driving results.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you!”
“Lorraine is a leader who thinks “outside the box” and is willing to consider innovative options and solutions.
She empowers her team to think and act for themselves, and considers making mistakes a learning experience. Just learn from it and don’t make that same mistake again!
Lorraine is a courageous leader who is willing to challenge the status quo in order to improve things. She handles such situations with aplomb and diplomacy. Lorraine is receptive to constructive criticism and open to making changes to established processes and ways of working. She works hard to establish strong relationships and has exceptional networking skills.”
“Accelerate Success coaching has helped me in defining a new direction in my life that I didn’t know I had. Without the assistance of accelerate coaching my professional career would have continued in a comfortable but stagnant manner. So often we may feel like the world has placed us into the box where we belong. But, Accelerate Success coaching helps you to realize that the only limitations that exist with both our professional and personal choices are our own. 

Lorraine has truly excelled on many levels and understands the meaning of life balance and brings that approach to coaching. My life path has never felt better and I am more resolute in my own personal and professional direction than I have ever been before.”
Andrew Lester, BSC, PMP Consultant
“Lorraine is extremely effective at helping you frame the issue to arrive at a solution that is appropriate for all aspects of your life.  Her genuine interest in you is evident as she coaches you. Her wide business perspective and unending energy serve to always keep our discussions engaging and valuable.”
Sophia Langlois, Partner, KPMG
“She was a great partner, with whom I was able to advance the partnership of IT with our business.”
“Lorraine Moore provided me with the confidence to take the next step in my professional career. I felt that my personal brand and approach to my career was on the right track. Lorraine helped me focus on what is important to me and discard the irrelevant distractions. Recently, I have been asked to take on a new role and that has led to a personal balance that I did not think was possible. Every time I talk to you I feel enlightened. Thank you for all your help Lorraine and helping me accelerate my career.”
Lorraine was fantastic and very down to earth. Her entire talk resonated with me and gave me food for thought.
Attendee, WX Network
Lorraine was an outstanding presenter. She spoke about real experiences and real-life challenges that were very relatable. I was really inspired and moved by what she spoke about. Simple things that we can all start doing and improve our habits.
Attendee, WX Network
“I have had the good fortune to receive business coaching from Lorraine Moore, consequently landing terrific results. Her ability to quickly assess the core of an issue, followed by a creative think-tank to determine the best path to achieve my desired goals, is outstanding!
Her combination of personal warmth and laser-like business skills creates a fertile environment for business coaching; when meeting with Lorraine I am encouraged to open up regarding what i really want to change in my business. Leaving a meeting with Lorraine, I feel optimistic, inspired and equipped with a more pin-pointed action plan!”
Emily Barnett, Skew Gallery
“Lorraine has helped me see issues from an empowering angle where the solutions or options are so apparent”
Lorraine provides wise and useful counsel to give incredibly insightful perspective on your plight in life. Lorraine has an intuitive ability to ask the right questions of you that eventually lead to your own consciousness and effective decision making.  With Lorraine’s assistance, I have been able to focus my wide range of goals, acknowledge and respect my own internal needs and decision making criteria, and value and communicate the unique and niche brand of skills I offer to the marketplace. I have been happy to recommend Lorraine’s coaching to friends and colleagues who are facing a crossroads on their career journey.
Heather Campbell, ICF Interational