As we emerge from the holiday season, many are reflecting upon and in some cases, concerned about, some of the surprises of 2017. These include political mishandlings, a surge in sexual harassment claims and continued acts of terrorism that can generate fear and fuel intolerance and feelings of superiority.

As I settle by the fire in the midst of a cold snap, I am reflecting on the resilience of the human spirit and how goodwill, generosity, acts of kindness, philanthropy, optimism, and love still outweigh all negativity across our planet.

For millenniums, people have gathered during the season of shorter days and in many places, colder days, for fellowship, community, and celebration. These gatherings ward off the dark, the fears and the unknown. In centuries gone by, these groupings also offered protection against enemies, whether invaders or animal predators, during a time of heightened risk,

As you emerge from your holiday celebrations and look to the year ahead, rejoice in the strength of the human spirit. We have much to celebrate and goodness will always prevail.

Here’s some evidence for my optimism:

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