What Will You Create in 2019?

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What Will You Create in 2019? - Lorraine Moore

If you are like most of us, by this time in the new year you have received emails or read articles or have been in discussions about the new year, the opportunity for a fresh start and setting resolutions. I exchanged my aspirational, goal-oriented resolutions for an annual intention several years ago. I have found this to be much more empowering while still providing aspiration and a directional compass.

A number of occurrences in December left me feeling that intention setting and a fresh start was not a priority or even of much interest to me.

Other priorities warranted my attention. A vibrant and inspiring 40-year-old father of two and long-time friend, succumbed to his four-year battle with ALS. A spirited, courageous 43-year-old friend rapidly declined and left us before the holidays. We knew that cancer would take her from us too soon, but we all thought we would have more time. Fortunately for her, she was still living at home and active until her last day or so. We discovered that my healthy, incredibly fit husband who can out-hike, out-ski, out-skate me and most everyone else 15 years younger than himself was diagnosed with severe coronary blockages – with nary a symptom. We are getting that addressed, but it changed our travel plans for the first few months of this year. I experienced a health issue that took me to the ER twice and required treatment, and finally, near the end of December, one of our immediate family had a health issue, so we headed out of town for six days to help them.

As my work is highly satisfying and gratifying, and my consulting practice is well established, I felt no need to create grandiose plans. I am launching a new practice area with colleagues in the US. That is very exciting and will be a lot of fun as well. So it felt like that area was covered off.

But by the second week of January, I realized that without an intention for the year, I felt rather un-moored. It is not that we are without plans. We had travel plans (some of course may be postponed but they will still happen at some point), my business plans, we were scoping out a bathroom reno (now I can really see how easy it is to go over budget on a bathroom reno LOL), etc., but no overarching intention.

While out for a walk with a sweet rough collie, it came to me. This will be the year of curiosity.

With Peter’s situation, we have undertaken lots of research and are now experimenting with many recipes on our new plant-based diet. Some of the meals are better than others. And life without cookies is simply not worth living, so I am having fun experimenting with baking. The new business partnership will be fun to explore – three of us offering our uniquely individual and collective expertise to boards of public and private companies and not-for-profits on both sides of the border. I am at a stage where I no longer need to strive, to push or to prove myself (sometimes to myself). I have always been a lifelong learner and voracious reader and traveler. That thread will continue as I pursue life in 2019 through a lens of curiosity.

I share this so that you may consider – what is your intention for 2019?

Some of my most successful clients create an intention or a theme for their company every year. This can provide a north star, to which you can align your strategic plan, performance objectives for staff, etc. I hope this stimulates your thinking for yourself personally or for your work in 2019.

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