A New Lens on Diversity

Lorraine MooreLeadership, Operational Excellence

The conversation about diversity within organizations continues. Unfortunately, it’s become a tiresome conversation for many people as it’s been going on for such a long period of time. Another similar conversation is the one centered … Read More

Ask The 5 Whys

Lorraine MooreOperational Excellence

Responding to “why” can be powerful, particularly when you are in a situation that is emotionally charged. I have been in multiple situations recently where asking “why” has been necessary. While my clients were trying to … Read More

One Step From Flawless

Lorraine MooreFeet to the Fire, Operational Excellence

One Step From Flawless

Gramercy Tavern in Manhattan has been operating in a historic building for over 20 years. While attending meetings in Manhattan, my American colleagues and Constance Dierickx and Linda Henman and I went to Gramercy for lunch.

Although we arrived late for our reservation, they were welcoming and courteous…