Ask The 5 Whys

Lorraine MooreOperational Excellence

Responding to “why” can be powerful, particularly when you are in a situation that is emotionally charged. I have been in multiple situations recently where asking “why” has been necessary. While my clients were trying to … Read More

Disarming Fear

Lorraine Moore360 Degree CEO, Leadership

A formidable impediment to achieving your best as a CEO or leader can be fear. A lack of confidence in one’s own abilities can cause leaders to play small. The limiting belief that one does … Read More

In Search of Meaning

Lorraine Moore360 Degree CEO, Team Effectiveness

Meaningful activities become increasingly important once we have sufficient financial means to cover our expenses and live comfortably. This human need has become even more dominant with the pervasiveness of social media and the trend … Read More

The Changing Face of Retirement

Lorraine MooreFeet to the Fire, Leadership

Although retirements among the relatively large boomer population will create vacancies, it will not be in a straightforward manner. Many retirees want to maintain the intellectual stimulation they received in the workplace. Most also want … Read More

Knowing When To Go

Lorraine Moore360 Degree CEO, Leadership

In the words of Kenny Rogers, “You got to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.” One of my highly successful … Read More

Beauty and Impermanence

Lorraine MoorePersonal Effectiveness

Tibetan monks create mandalas, beautiful colourful vibrant pictures. They’re usually circular and crafted from small, multi-coloured pieces of sand. Several monks, possibly four or five, work together at one time creating the mandala on a … Read More

Accountable Leaders Foster Creativity

Lorraine MooreFeet to the Fire, Leadership, Productivity

In my book, Feet to the Fire, I discuss the different facets of leadership and how to successfully navigate a variety of challenges. We explore what it means to model personal accountability and how to hold others to account.

One facet of leadership is productivity. Harnessing productivity is key to achieving the important balance of structure and efficiency. Done right, you and your team can take much more control over your time and achieve more in fewer hours.