Speaking Up About Mental Health: My Story

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In 2014, former Olympian Clara Hughes cycled 7000 km across Canada to raise awareness about mental health. Today, two-thirds of Canadians suffering from anxiety and/or depression, suffer in silence. As Bell’s Let's Talk Day approached, I realized it was important for me to participate in the discussion. When I was 21 years old, my mother [...]

Please – Pray for Peace

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On Nov 11, I will stand in silence - in gratitude and in honour of the Canadian and American armed forces who have so bravely and selflessly defended our and others’ rights and freedoms. This year it holds even greater meaning for me. As I write this, an American solider has been killed in the [...]

Thank You for the Nomination, Please Vote

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Thank you to all those who voted for me. Voting is now CLOSED.  I am honoured to be nominated for Corporate Vision Magazine's Consultancy Award 2016. To vote for me, simply complete the form by entering my name, company name and a brief reason why you think I am a strong candidate. The Corporate Vision Magazine Consultancy Award [...]

We are Canadians First

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We are 149 years strong. We remain in the Top 10 Countries in the World in regard to “best quality of life”. We hold a long-standing peaceful relationship with our American friends with whom we share the largest unprotected border in the world. In fact, an estimated 75 percent of Canadians live within 161 kilometers [...]

Interview – Linda Oglov

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Linda is the creator of Designing Your Third Chapter workshop. I am thrilled to be partnering with Linda for this event as she leads an integrated life with eloquence and grace. When I asked Linda why she created this workshop she told me, "In conversations in business and social situations, I encountered many women who [...]

Wishing You Peace

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Christmas Day 1914, German, British and French soldiers climbed out of the trenches along the western front. On that day, in the midst of World War I, they laid down their arms in to observe peace on the Christian holiday. For the balance of 2015, whether we recognize Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid Al-Fitr or other, while [...]

Taking Time to Remember

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When our children were 10 and 12 years old we spent a wonderful 3 weeks in Normandy, France. As their grandfather and great grandfathers had both fought in the the wars, we visited the Canadian, American and other military cemeteries and the war memorial in Rouen. On an overcast and damp day we walked the [...]

Canadians Seek a Change

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This week's Liberal majority reflects Canadians' thirst for leadership change.  While the Atlantic provinces openly embraced the results, western Canada is expressing some reticence, particularly following the recent NDP sweep in Alberta. What can we expect? While Canadians may not agree, world leaders attributed Canada's strong economic performance from 2008-2014 to Harper's leadership. Trudeau, as [...]

Slowing Down to the Pace of Life

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Summer in the northern hemisphere. Toasted marshmallows, crackling campfires, foamy waves washing up on the sand, mountain hikes, camping under the stars, long bike rides, lazy afternoons with a juicy novel, beer on the deck, prone on the tickly grass observing the slow movement of ever-changing cloud shapes. Sound familiar? If not, perhaps your reality [...]

Clear Expectations and Metrics are Powerful

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Recently I joined a long line up at Thai Express, a fast food outlet in a food court. As I was 15th or so in line, I texted the client I was meeting and offered to order for her, thinking it could be 10 minutes or more before I ordered. Within less than a minute, [...]